Best Shadowrocket Alternatives 



Check out the Best Shadowrocket Alternatives you can use!

Shadowrocket is a worthy platform to get traffic from all applications and redirect it to the proxy servers. There’s so much that you can do to set the traffic on your web browser straight. It ensures secure browsing, multiple protocol types, and global routing. There are several alternatives to this application.

Shadowrocket Alternatives 

In case Shadowrocket does not work on your device, you can go for any of the options that are mentioned below: 


Just like Shadowrocket, this one is also a proxy client application. Founded by Wang Jinwei, you can use it for tracking & recording HTTP, HTTPS, and other traffic from any application on your device. You can use this application to record requests that are made by an app. Thereafter, you can get their corresponding responses as well. Since the application has a simple interface, you will find it easy to work around this application and make the most out of it. 


It’s not just similar in name, but it also comes to you with similar characteristics as Shadowrocket. It is also developed by Shadow Launch Technology Limited. If you want to block content and restrict the traffic on your web browser, you can go for this particular proxy server. It will monitor the traffic usage and speed of the network you are using. All the advertisements that you have blocked will be kept in a separate list here. You can get HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS requests from your devices and record them for other purposes. 


The next alternative to Shadowrocket that we are going to discuss here is pretty interesting as well. This one was also founded by Shadow Launch Technology Limited. The features are quite similar to Shadowrocket as the developers are the same. It can best be described as a rule-based shadowvpn. The Wire Guard Client for iOS devices helps its users configure, test, and finalize the rule file. You can always keep an eye on the advertisements and content that has been blocked. 

Fugu 2 

It is a web developer and proxy utility tool. Therefore, it is an alternative to Shadowrocket that you can easily download from a trusted source. It is founded by Han Shengming and assists you in capturing all HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP traffic from any applications on your device. If you want to block all the advertisements that appear on your web browser, you can do so through Fugu 2. It is simple to use, quite secure, and helps you in blocking advertisements perfectly. 


Another fun application that you can use as an alternative to Shadowrocket is Pepi. It allows its users to grab all traffic from any protocols and any application, redirect and forward it to the related proxy server. So if you want to configure rules, you can do so seamlessly with the help of Pepi. Moreover, it will work on cellular data as well. DNS mapping, ad blocking and QR code scanning are some other features of this platform. 

Kitsunebi- Proxy Utility 

This particular proxy platform is developed by Kits Labs. The major importance of this platform is to protect internet incoming and outgoing traffic and provide a secure browsing experience. It’s a versatile Proxy Utility that provides smooth outgoing traffic and controls it with the help of routing rules. The good part about this proxy tool is that it is easy and secure. Moreover, JSON configuration works brilliantly here as well. QR code scanning works effortlessly, apart from providing you with the Proxy logs as well. If you want to measure your traffic usage, that’s very much a possibility as well. 


This is another alternative to Shadowrocket which was founded by Smart International Limited. This platform is mainly meant to add configurations and keep an eye on traffic from any application you want. Therefore, you can consider it a smart proxy tool. Wingy has tons of great features to provide to you. The best part is its amazing user interface. It also supports Socks5 and monitors network speed. Lastly, it also provides multiple encryption standards to make matters more exciting. 

These are the different alternatives to Shadowrocket that you can use. So if Shadowrocket is not working on your device, you can go for either of these platforms! 

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